Sunday exhortations



16.12.2018 Jno. 1-3 Walking in the Light (Audio MP3)

19.12.2010 “Walking in Truth” (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

06.09.2015 The Warfare of Faith (Audio MP3)

11.02.2018 Washing – Internal and External (Audio MP3) (PDF)

07.10.2007 The Duties of a Watchman (MS Word) (PDF)

03.06.2012 A New and Living Way (MS Word) (PDF)

06.07.2014 The Two Ways  (Audio MP3)

21.01.2007 The Weightier Matters of the Law (MS Word) (PDF)

19.07.2009 What Shall We Have Therefore?(MS Word) (PDF)

02.04.2017 “Who Gave Himself for our Sins” (PDF) (MS Word)

25.10.2009 Wholesome Words for Pilgrims (MS Word) (PDF)

29.03.2015 The Widow’s Mite (Audio MP3) *

24.09.2017 The Wilderness of the Peoples (Audio MP3)

19.02.2012 “Thy Will Not Mine …” (MS Word) (PDF)

30.03.2014 Searching after Wisdom (Audio MP3)

25.03.2007 “But Where Shall Wisdom be Found?” (MS Word) (PDF)

09.12.2018 James 3 – The Wisdom From Above (Audio MP3)

19.02.2017 Witnesses of the Sufferings of Christ (MS Word)