Sunday exhortations



15.03.2015 Sacrifice of Praise (Audio MP3) *

14.03.2010 The Sacrifice of Praise (MS Word) (PDF)

04.07.2010 Salt (MS Word) (PDF)

04.03.2012 Salvation By Grace (MS Word)  (PDF)

12.04.2015 The Samaritan Woman (Audio MP3) *

15.06.2014 Samson (Audio MP3) *

23.06.2013 The Boy Samuel (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

26.06.2016 Samuel the Hearer (Audio MP3)

25.06.2017 Samuel and Christ – Hearers of the Word
(Audio MP3)

21.07.2013 2 Samuel 7 (MS Word) (PDF)

24.05.2009 “That God Be Sanctified” (MS Word)(PDF) 

01.07.2007 Saul – The Failed King (MSWord) (PDF)

27.09.2015 The Overthrow of Saul (Audio MP3)

03.07.2016 Saul Versus Amalek (Audio MP3)

07.02.2016 The Sabbath Day of Rest (Audio MP3)

07.12.2008 How Do We Respond to the Sacrifice of Christ? (MSWord)  (PDF)

08.07.2018 (Matthew 9) The Saving of Sinners  (Audio MP3)

03.01.2009 “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness” (MS Word)(PDF)

25.11.2007 Seek Ye Yahweh(MS Word)

05.04.2015 The Brazen Serpent (Audio MP3)  *

23.09.2012 Who do You Serve? (MS Word) (PDF)

06.06.2010 The Great Shepherd (MS Word) (PDF)

10.01.2016 Sodom, Lot and Abraham (Audio MP3)

09.08.2015 The Reign of Solomon (Audio MP3)

23.06.2013 Song of the Redeemed  (MS Word) (PDF)

11.04.2010 The Sound of The Word (MS Word) (PDF)

24.02.2008 The Logic of The Stars (MS Word)(PDF)

29.10.2017 Stephen’s Defence (Audio MP3)

17.05.2009 “Be Strong and of Good Courage”(MS Word) (PDF)

29.04.2012 Stephen’s Defense (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

09.03.2014 My Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness (Audio MP3)

31.12.2006 “The Rising of the Sun of Righteousness”  (MS Word) (PDF)

27.07.2008 “The Sword shall Never Depart” (MS Word) (PDF)