Sunday exhortations



02.08.2015 Absalom’s Rebellion (MS Word) (Audio MP3)

14.08.2016 The Rechabites – An Example of Separation and Faithfulness (MSWord) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

02.09.2012 Remembrance (MS Word) (PDF)

13.05.2012 The Repentance of Israel (MS Word) (PDF)(Audio MP3)

06.12.2009 Reproach (MS Word) (PDF)

01.11.2009 Our Response to The Word (MS Word) (PDF)

01.04.2018 The Resurrrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (Audio MP3) (PDF) (MSWord) ***

26.01.2014 The Resurrection of Christ (Audio MP3)

02.03.2014 The Resurrection of the Dead (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

29.07.2007 “The Righteousness of God Outside the Law” (MS Word)(PDF)

31.12.2006 “The Rising of the Sun of Righteousness” (MS Word) (PDF)

21.05.2006 “The Rod out of the Stem of Jesse” (MS Word) (PDF)

25.02.2018 Running the Race of Life (MS Word) (PDF)

09.04.2006 Running the Race (PDF)