Sunday exhortations




16.12.2007 “Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God” (MS Word) (PDF)

16.12.2015 Without Faith it is Impossible to Please Him (Audio MP3)

30.09.2012 The Faith of a Repentant Thief (Audio MP3)

02.09.2018 1 Cor. 16:13-14 Attributes of the Faithful (Audio MP3)

21.02.2016 Beholding the Face of Glory (Audio MP3)

24.08.2008 Keeping the Feast (MS Word) (PDF)

12.02.2017 Feeding the Thousands (Audio MP3)

13.06.2010 Enduring a Fiery Trial (MS Word) (PDF)

22.09.2013 Finding Those who are Lost (MS Word) (PDF)

18.05.2008 “How will we Finish” (MS Word) (PDF)

02.08.2015 Tending the Flock (MS Word) (PDF)

27.12.2015 Following the Lamb (Audio MP3)

17.07.2011 Offence and Forgiveness (MS Word) (PDF)

09.11.2008 Laying a Good Foundation(MS Word) (PDF)

04.10.2015 The Fruit of the Spirit (Audio MP3)