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These pages refer to a book entitled “Beyond Bible Basics” published in 1999 by a then Christadelphian, Duncan Heaster. (There is no connection to the book with the same title published for teens by an Evangelical pastor M.F. in the US in 2006). Since the following articles were written, the author was removed from fellowship at his UK ecclesia, as announced worldwide in the June 2004 Christadelphian Magazine. We note here that doctrinal issues were not among his ecclesia’s concerns, but behavioural issues. We also note that the statements published earlier in the Christadelphian Magazine by the main preaching organisations of the brotherhood address also behaviour not doctrine. Nevertheless, since the book is still freely available, and since some Christadelphians outside the UK may be unaware of the author’s situation relative to his ecclesia, the comments made about the doctrinal content of the book are retained here.

The object of the following review is to demonstrate that what this book teaches is very different to Bible teaching, and very different to what Christadelphians have long believed. There have been a handful of the Author’s sympathizers, who protested at the publication of these reviews – not on the grounds that they can be demonstrated to be Scripturally wrong, but because of a feeling “it is wrong to wash your dirty linen in public”. However we believe that as the ‘linen” is being openly and publicly soiled by the defilement of human thinking, paraded as if it were the teaching of Scripture, and misleading men, there is nothing wrong with such a public refutation. When men claim to be teaching the doctrines of the Bible, they must be prepared to have their teachings compared with the Bible. We follow the example of Scripture itself in openly exposing the claims of false teachers, and in sounding a warning to those who might hear, against those who pretend to be of the Israel of God, but in fact, are not. Also on this page are links to other articles examining other writings of the same man, demonstrating them to be astray from the plain teaching of the Bible.

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