Sunday exhortations




21.02.2016 Beholding the Face of Glory (Audio MP3)

27.05.2018 The Benefits of Bible Study (Audio MP3)

27.05.2012 The Benefits of The Word (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

10.09.2017 Circumstances of Messiah’s Birth (Audio MP3)

18.01.2009 “I Will Bless Yahweh at All Times” (MS Word) (PDF)

30.12.2007 “Blessed” – After Jesus Returns(MS Word) (PDF)

17.04.2016 – Healing the Blind (Audio MP3)

30.08.2015 The United Body of Christ (Audio MP3)

17.12.2017 Being “Born of God” (Audio MP3)

19.08.2007 – Betrayal and Denial (MS Word) (PDF)

04.02.2007 “Blessed is the Man Whom Thou Choosest” (MS Word) (PDF)

07.05.2006 “Blessed is He that Considereth the Poor”  (MS Word)  (PDF)

01.03.2015 The Brazen Altar (Audio MP3)*

14.10.2018 John 6 – The Bread of Life (Audio MP3)

18.08.2013 Why We Break Bread (MS Word) (PDF)

22.03.2015 Building and Contending (Audio MP3)*

20.09.2015 Building Bigger Barns (Audio MP3)

29.12.2013 The Burden of the Lord (MS Word) (PDF)

17.08.2008 Lessons from the Burnt Offering (MS Word)(PDF)