Sunday exhortations



05.10.2008 “He is able” (MS Word) (PDF)

19.07.2015 Abner the Son of Ner (Audio MP3)

28.01.2018 Abraham – the Heir of the World (PDF) (MS Word) (Audio MP3)


02.08.2015 Absalom’s Rebellion (Audio MP3)

28.10.2018 Acts 5 & 6 Ananias and Sapphira (Audio MP3)

14.12.2008 Adding to our Faith (PDF) (MS Word)

08.11.2015 Agabus the Prophet (Audio MP3)

21.08.2016 Ahab and Jezebel (Audio MP3)

09.02.2014 Warfare against Amalek (Audio MP3)

22.11.2015 The Prophecy of Amos (Audio MP3)

17.01.2016 Jacob and the Angels (Audio MP3)

05.02.2017 The Angels and the Believer (Audio MP3)

27.09.2009 Angelic Deliverance (PDF) (MS Word)

02.09.2018 1 Cor. 16:13-14 Attributes of the Faithful (Audio MP3)