who are you?


Many a time this question is asked by individuals who do not need to know our names at all rather they are after someone and you happen to be in their way. The posing of such a question intrudes our nerves at points where authority and rank are headquartered. Instead of ascertaining our responsibilities we suddenly feel a worthlessness that can only be redeemed by an answer we often find that we hand not budgeted for. We often have a thought lingering on the options of how best we should have answered that individual, normally to appease our destabilizedself worth we become comfortable in making it hard to assist our intruder.

Some might even be more subtle in their inquisition, we only feel better if we are the persons they are really looking for and then they have to adjust to our tempo to dress their requests with appeal to suit our responses.

However, the question summarizes our efforts, dreams and goals. It is a probe into our core values the unseen and undocumented facts of where we have been and what we have done measured against what we have to show for it. Sort of locus points of the inner man creatingDNA attributes unique to one. Our appreciation of the teachings of Christ is the only eye opener how much we have been corrupted by the Adamic curse. It is the only plane at which the true reflection of our darkness can be contrasted. All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. We are indeed, living under sin in a sinful world. Who we are only is defined as worthy when we are in Christ, if we walk in the light as he is the light, we will have fellowship one with another and the blood of His Son will cleanse from all sin.

We are nothing before God and in Christ we become His treasured possessions. In other words we gain godly values, value that is from God through the righteousness that comes in being in Christ. Our humility is founded on recognizing our worthless before God and not only that but comprehending the creator’s sustenance in all things in the correct perspective. In other words understanding of God’ s work balanced with gratitude.

The spirit of Christ in the prophets shows the humility of Christ as of unique quality: he is spoken of as a “worm and no man”. A worm depending entirely on God and all form of senses not taking enterprising prominence to influence course of emotions and ownership in any form to fulfil personal objectives.

We have to lose our Adamic inheritance and through progressive ingress of God’s word transform to a Christ-man. Who are you? Where you are in this transition demonstrates who you are. What you are aiming for sets the base of everything else you will do so that is who you are.

The Bible speaks of these matters and speaks of a day when God will judge and prove to all of us who we really are.

The days apportioned to us are then purposed to be lived to an expected end. One writer puts it this way “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”.

In fact the introduction of the word ‘work’ denotes an exercise that entails a physical, practical way of one engaging in some form of occupation. A quick look in the concordance on the word ‘work’ stimulates immeasurable insight of a unique element of our worship that aids us in our efforts to say no to ungodliness as we are exhorted to fill our hands with that which natural takes up very big spaces and thereby make us avoid many pitfalls.

Work is fulfilment of what our minds have already dealt with.

Work is the final admission of what we believe it is a way of proving to ourselves that we really believe. It is a measure and given to us to pre- judge ourselves. An outward way of testifying what we believe there by proving who we are.

Our hearts are so foolish we might even convince ourselves out of the truth eventually, like Israel of old.

James spoke of something along these lines, when he gives an example of one looking in the mirror then forgets what he looks like. Who are you? It is needful to be able to remind yourself that you belong to Christ and prove that by right associations and fellowships and living according to the times, being able to understand the programme of salvation.

“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” (2 Cor. 13:5)

Once we have the knowledge of the kingdom of God we have our hearts set on things above. We set in motion activities that conform to the new life as instructed in the Bible. We start to build a new personality that is in line with the new kingdom to come. Our identities will show who we are. We become sons of God, we then can give answers by the authority given to us by our Lord. We are ambassadors of Christ, a holy priesthood. This is what we should answer to one who asks us. We might not give that answer, but what ever answer we give, our conscience agreeing with us, we give answers that will be complete. Our answer will be identifying us as those awaiting the return of Christ. It is good to see some one and yet they can not see you. They can never know why you are so hopeful regardless of the floods, the wars, the strife. Who are you?

The light that shone in our hearts will move and spread from us to others if we are what we ought to be.

If you know who you ought to be but are rather entangled in a maze of doubts and are lost, you need to remember one more thing. You can not change and undo who you are. You area son, come back home to your Father who will meet you along the way and dress you up and celebrate your return. At most ask yourself who you are. Often when asked to explain the choice to lead a Christian life, I give an answer along the difference in computers, some are Pentium one up to four, some dual core and so forth. I then explain my position that the knowledge of Christ has opened up my understanding beyond Pentiums that I can explain therefore I can not under utilise my advancements considering what I have come to know.

Our Lord speaks of keeping oil in our lamps and staying ready with oil to go out and meet him. Are we prepared at any given time to go out and meet him? Are we ready to leave our business enterprising to go out and meet him? Arewe reasonably presentable all round to be ready to meet our Lord? Can we be identified at all with him to be seen as fit to be with him wherever will be. Who are you?

One brother gave an example to say if the world were to choose who should be theirs will they live you out. Will that be on account that you remind them of Jesus of Nazareth? Thy speech betrayeth thee, some were told. Do we find it easy to speak about our Lord and our beliefs to our relatives? Do we dress it up to look cool and only mention the appealing side of things. Is it hard to say who we are?

We are those who have believed that there is one God ,who has chosen to display His existence through the bible and demonstrated His attributes by caring and preserving the nation of Israel and is exercising His love by providing a way into His new kingdom to any one of us. We are those He has given an opportunity already and are living our lives in recognition of our responsibilities to daily conform to a new way of life, imitating His son.

I am a man looking forward to the return of Christ and trying my best to receive the grace of God by doing that which pleases Him. My wish is we be blessed with circumstances that will see us make it through everyday and that we all be in the kingdom. I am a man who also believe and knows that the day of Christ is very very near and I am also your brother.

Gombera Tendai