I have borne the name of Christadelphian for forty years, and upon the significance of that title a few words may be useful. It came into existence when it was necessary to distinguish the brethren from other so- called Christians. Ever since, that name has stood for the One Faith and for separation from the present evil world in its Religious, Social and Political aspects.

 “Brethren in Christ”, a high and noble calling, an honourable name! Has it lost its meaning since it first came into being? The Ecclesia at Sardis had a “name” that it lived, but it was dead. They called themselves Brethren in Christ, and they had a high reputation, but in Christ’s estimation they were like the Pharisees, “whited sepulchres”, outwardly beautiful, but inwardly full of dead men’s bones. Should the salt lose its savour; should the name Christadelphian ever become a misnomer; should it come to be borne by a people who have become false to the Truth it signifies, lax, latitudinarian and worldly, it might become necessary for a “few names” who have lived up to the Name to repudiate a title which they once rightly gloried in.

 Brethren! remember our proud and exalted appellation; see that it never becomes tarnished, dishonoured, meaningless. It is the fact that is important; not a name. If we call ourselves Christadelphians, then let us be Brethren of Christ in that we hold his Truth unimpaired, and follow his example of holiness

J M. Evans