Dear Brother Chris,

Greetings in our Lord and Saviour.

I thought I would just clarify with you the comment in the “Corona and Shutdown” article: “The very worst that can happen to us is death – but the Lord is able to raise us  up again, incorruptible, to live eternally with His Son.”

I was surprised to note there was no reference to the judgement before the worthy are made incorruptible after the resurrection.

I am sure you will agree the judgement is the next step after the resurrection.

With love in the TRUTH and the hope of our acceptance into the JOY of the Lord

Brother Gordon Royal


Dear Brother Gordon,

Greetings in the pursuit of Truth,

Yes, I totally agree with you that there is the Judgment Seat to go through before being made incorruptible, and thank you for the correction.  The intent of the sentence was to say that even if the worst happens—death—that is no barrier to Yahweh, who is able to raise us from the dead, and make us incorruptible.  But as you say this will follow the Judgment Seat.

Another reader has observed that actually, death is not the worst that can happen: rejection at the judgment seat would be far worse!

I am grateful to readers for their input and correction,

With love in the Way,

Christopher Maddocks