Watching as a “watchman” does not mean simply having the tools, the light, necessary equipment, or simply staying awake. The watchman in the book of Isaiah is asked the question: “what of the night”? This question is implicit in what the work of a watchman does, for a watchman works for the benefit of others. He guards against impending danger and cries a warning of any impending disaster. His light, his tools, his skills are at the disposal of those he watches over.

The world as ever is a dark place. Babylon of today, where language is no longer—in this internet age—a hindrance, where democracy with its cry equality, liberty, and fraternity, continues to cause eruptions in the seas of human activity. Political powers with their intrigues, religious powers of every persuasion, together with the secular insidious influences, enjoy the benefit and Babylon’s world trade, world , to the determent of the many. But the fall of this Babylon will come, with the powers of this Babylon crying over the demise of their influence and wealth.

The duty of ain these times, is not just use his lamp to shine into the heavens looking for his own salvation. but to warn of thedangers to befall this Babel of today.

The Watchman of the Lord does not seek to have knowledge of God for his own benefit, that he might bathe in his own enlightenment. Rather to declare to all around him the knowledge of the glory of God. It requires bravery to dispel the darkness of human activity with thelight of godly truth. To do so invites persecution and adversity, but this is a time when the watchman is called not be silent, or to hide his light in the fear of being the object of abuse. He must set forth the warnings of God plainly before all, so that men might have the opportunity to repent.

Samuel Dixon