The following postings were made to an online discussion forum:

“Let’s drop the arrogance. Do we really, seriously believe we’re the only ones who’ve ‘got it right’? As if we could understand God fully!

The C’dns are one denomination within the Christian family, all with allegiance to the carpenter from Nazareth, all seeing God in him, even ,if we do have to struggle with inevitably inadequate metaphors, be they ‘son of God’, ‘God incarnate’, or whatever. It’s challenging enough just to try and do what he told us to”




You ask: “Do we really, seriously believe we’re the only ones who’ve ‘got it right’?

This statement (and others in some of your other postings ) overlooks an important point. The Bible is Truth I.e. “thy word is truth” (Jno. 17:17). That which differs from the Bible is not truth. I believe Bible teaching. Others, i.e. Churchgoers and the like do not believe Bible teaching. They instead choose a different set of beliefs than what God has laid down. Therefore, they do not believe the “truth” of the Bible.

It is not a question of saying “we’re the only ones who’ve ‘got it right’, but rather whether what we believe is taught in the Bible. You speak of arrogance. But the one who humbly believes what the Bible teaches, and refuses to budge in his acceptance of the Truth is not called “arrogant” in the Bible. The Bible word is “faithful”.

Your post centres around men, and who may or may not have ‘got it right’. The Bible on the other hand centres around God, and whether or not men believe what He teaches. The choice is ours to make.