By contrast to a certain Christadelphian Magazine which claims copyright on certain writings of our earlier brethren, the true situation is described below:


“That Brother Roberts waived any copyright to which he may have been legally entitled we have already seen, and it is further evidenced in what he said when informed that someone was infringing his rights in reprinting one of his works. He wrote: “whether or no, it makes very little difference to the Author of “The Trial”, who would only be too glad to see any man making a fortune out of The Trial” because of the circulation of momentous truth it would mean. The latter was what concerned Brother Roberts.

In keeping with that mind, “The Christadelphian” has been equally free in the use of other brethren’s labours—in one case for 20 years reprinting thousands of pamphlets without asking the consent of either the Author or his heirs. Hence, in more senses than one, the real “Christadelphian” policy has been to ignore vested interests in Christadelphian writings, and simply be concerned, like Brother Roberts, in the circulation of momentous Truth.”

FGF, Taken from “The Christadelphian Treasury”


“All “rights” relinquished. All parts of this publication may be reproduced and transmitted by any means, electronic, digital, or mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Applications for the copyright owners permission to reproduce any part of this publication should not be addressed to the publisher as permission is not required, reproduction is actively encouraged, and there is no copyright knowingly held on anything produced by The Christadelphian Waymark.